Help me choose my new seat color

Pick a color

  • Black

    Votes: 11 91.7%
  • Gray

    Votes: 1 8.3%

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I vote black too......I was thinking about changing my seats to black too - Nice interior BTW - just need to dye the ash tray lid - mine looked like that too....but not anymore. See my thread for my interior reno.
The ashtray lid actually matches the rest of the console really well in normal light. I guess the flash of the camera makes it appear lighter for some reason.

Thanks for the responses. So far Black is ahead 3-0.
I say leave it grey.

Reason being there isn't enough black in the car to justify black seats. With the stock color rear seat, it might look weird.

Grey keeps a nice clean look. Even a slightly darker shade may add a nice feel to the interior.

If you do grey seats though, i don't think the black door panels will flow well with the theme.

If you do black seats, the carpet and rear seat needs to be black as well.

My opinion