Help Me Diagnose Problem Please?


15 Year Member
Jun 3, 2003
brewster ny
Havent been on here in awhile. Hope all is well and happy new year! MY new ride is a 2007 Saleen s281 SC. Hope you guys can help. I like the 2v boards better than the 3v lol. Today while I was driving home from work the car was running nice and strong hence the NY winter cold weather. All of a sudden I noticed in the low rpms under a decel it almost had a buck and it felt like the drivetrain was in a better words loose or bucking feeling. I could almost hear the drivetrain engaging. It also was reving slower than usual. I turned the car off and back on and problem was gone! I am worried because this is my first boosted car. Could it be a misfire? It was weird that the drivetrain had a clunky feel to it also but it went away once i turned off and on. Thanks in advance and happy new year!
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