Help me service a low mileage fox!


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Aug 14, 2009
I just recently picked up a low mileage 33k '88 GT 5.0 Mustang. Its absoluetly mint and runs/drives perfect. But seeing as everything is original and i'm sure no fluids have been changed besides oil, i'd like to "freshen" it up a bit. Ya know, just to get everything new because everything is original right down to the plugs and all. Like i said, the car is perfect. I'm simply looking to service the parts that should be serviced. Heres what i've planned so far:

1. Oil Change
2. Brakes bled
3. Rearend oil changed
4. Coolant system flushed
5. Fuel filter
6. Spark plugs
7. Air filter
8. Tranny flush

Any other suggestions? Thanks guys!
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new dist cap and maybe some fresh wires
I have an 88 that has been sitting most of its life and i had to check and am slowly replacing all the rubber bushings under the car due to rot. My swaybar bushing went from rubber and have slowly turned to plastic haha
my rear struts puked themselves too so Iam doing new shocks and struts.
Other than that...take it out and run it really well, blow the cobwebs out of the motor and put some miles on it, a long drive can tell you what the car needs
Tires if they are more than 6 years old.

Dump the codes and see if anything else is out of whack. Visually inspect everything. The car may have low miles, but it's also 22 years old. A lot of things can deteroriate over time like shocks, seals, gaskets, etc.