help me with my metering plate please


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Jan 22, 2007
north carolina
I just got another play toy, its a 87 coupe that has a stock roller block that has been rebuilt, it has performer heads a trickflow stage 2 cam and a ford motorsports version of the victor jr, it has a 750 double pumper with a set of perceys metering blocks, the kind where you remove the jets and use a screw to make jet adjustments I cannot find any info on how to adjust these things and the car is running very rich. Does any one know how to use these things if so please let me know. any opions will be much appreciated. Are they even worth the trouble.
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Mar 5, 2006
I have some experience chaging jet sizes on Holley Carburetors, but I've never used the Percy's Adjust-A-Jet. If you've already checked ou their site, I doubt this will be any additional help to you, but if not here is an excerpt from their site...

"The Adjust-A-Jet is supplied with a chart that compares jet sizes to particular number of turns open, this is only to get the engine running, after that you no longer need the chart because you are making a rich/lean adjustment, instead of a jet change."