Help!! My 2000 Mustang Gt Is Going Crazy!


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May 1, 2014
during the winter time my car has to get jumped every 6 hours, so i replaced the battery with a new battery. it solved the problem for a couple day, and then my convertible top motor went haywired without the key in the ignition like it would automatically put my top down once i unlock the lock for my top without the car being on and i tried to put it back up it wont let me, plus the theft light would be on and blinking very fast also where the miles shown up as number they are instead dash across and the gas gauge, temperature gauge, oil gauge would be in the normal spot but the key is not in the ignition like a normal car you gotta put the key in the ingnition for everything to work but not my car. so i took the convertible top motor out because it killed my car battery, so i went and got a new motor and installed it and it solved the problem again for only 4 days more problem came.. and then the car started to lose power, it dont wanna go like it normally does and finally it stop running , it crank but wont start at all.. so i took it to this so call mechanic and he said the reason why the car wont crank is because the fuel pump is no good at all and it get hot, so he replaced it with a new fuel pump, fuel filter, a new EGR cause there was a check light engine on. When we got there, he said it was good to go and when we went to start the car it crank but wont start at all after trying 5 times it finally start. so i told him to turn it off and see if it start again.. so he turn it off and took the key out but the engine was still running!! so he didnt have anything to say bout it. so we just took the car and went home and now it wont even start, it crank but wont start. and now it goin crazy like it unlock itself and lock it self and when i tried to lock it by pressing the lock button it wont let me. does anyone know what going on with my car.. i thinking it the ECU.. should i get a new one or should i get my ECU reprogram.. or i can find a exact model and year as mine can i just unhook my old ECU and just plug the new/used one in or do i have to bring it to a ford dealer cause that what the mechanic says... can anyone please let me know anything about what can i do to solve this major problem...thanks you ahead and god bless you..
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