Help my 95 stop pinging!!!!!!


New Member
Apr 4, 2006
I have a 95 gt 5-speed. It is completely stock motor. Only thing changed is the coil, fuel press reg, air filter,flows, and plug wires. When im driving and i stab it, it pings like crazy, but if i floor it it kinda goes away. It also does it under heavy load like up a hill when i give it gas. Now my problem is that some days it does not do it, its like it is picky. My timing is at 9 and i run 91 oct, i ran some booster and it helped. o and there are 110,000 miles on it. Help me please, i cant go faster till i fix this.
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Primarily, you want to check for codes.

Check a few things that relate to pinging, such as EGR (especially this!) & make sure you're MAF & IAT sensors are clean. If not, clean them with alcohol & a Q-tip. Make sure the fuel pressure is normal.

Check all that & keep us updated.
I went through the same thing and it ended up being the MAF.
"Clean your MAF real good" There are a few threads on here dealing with cleaning your MAF. Make sure you're MAF & IAT sensors are clean before replacing any parts. Clean them with alcohol & a Q-tip real good.
My pinging went away after I cleaned mine.