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Apr 30, 2005
I'm trying to spruce up my car a little more on the outside and have decided that I am going to replace my headlights and get new ones. I have seen alot of different ones on ebay(1 piece, clear, smoke, euro, etc) and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of them. how is the quality? are they basically junk or are they decent for the money?

I am kinda swaying toward the smoke lenses since everytime I put headlight covers on they get stolen. here is an old shot of my car:

I have since tinted the windows so do you think the smoke lens would look fine or should I stick with clears? if I go with the smoke do you have any recommandations on bulbs? there are a few sellers who include 5000K blue xenon bulbs. would those suffice or should I get something better?

does anyone have any pics with any of the aftermarket headlights installed that they wouldn't mind sharing? while I was searching I the forum for other posts I noticed a few cars but not many.

any help on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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i have had the diamond clear cut 6 pieces before and they were ood looking...then i swapped tailights to the smoked ones and didnt want smoked rears and clear i bought 1 piece smoked frons and they look awesome some guys on here say its too ricey but i like it and think it looks great cause my car has been painted twillight blue...cant post pics cause my comp wont let me at work but check out my garage its there!!
ohh i forgot to say those 5000k bulbs are them things are crazp IMO i have had them befre and they get really really hot melted the plugs on the i said ****it and ordered a HID kit from a company called Hella..and they are just awesome!!
thanks for the replies. I'm currently looking at different bulbs on ebay and see a seller selling a pair of 7000K bulbs

These HILITE Industries Superwhite Xe bulbs are new in design and are specifically fitted ONLY for your 1987-1993 Ford Mustang, due to special electrical, mechanical and physical specification of your vehicle. These bulbs are meant as direct replacements for your halogen bulbs, and so do not require any extra equipment or modifications done to your car. If you have a different make, model OR year other than this: 1987-1993 Ford Mustang, please email us since each bulbs are different.

You are bidding on 1 pair (or 2 bulbs) for Lowbeam/Highbeam of Brand New Xenon HID 7000K Super White bulbs. These bulbs come brand new packaged from the manufacturer. These are NOT those 4300K or 5000K bulbs some are selling that are made in China or Taiwan! These are the HILITE Industries Superwhite Xe bulbs, regarded as the best in automotive lighting.

another thing is this:
Standard wattage draw with high wattage output - 45W/65W
With this safe wattage level, you can be sure these lights don't damage any wiring, and at the same time, will provide a brighter, more elegant whiter look than all stock lights. (They draw the same wattage as your OEM stock bulbs, but emit a brighter light than your stock bulbs).

are these really fine for the car? having only bought 1 set of new bulbs for the car since buying it(haven't bought bulbs in atleast 8yrs. and then it was direct replacement bulbs) I have no clue about the wattage stuff.
its all bull****..they have to make it seem nice to sell them cause theres so many bulbs out can they be brighter if they pull the same wattage.....HID are 100 times brighter clearer and only use 35 watts..they have their own ballasts...if you want a nice bright light..your gonna pay for it..the best bulbs i have ever used that werent HID are the ones in my 01 Sable...they are from autozone and the company is called sylvania and they are called sliverstars they are like 50 bucks i think it was for the pair....but great lights!....dont be fooled by those KIH simulated ****s...that are gonna cost you more then 30 and will melt your wires.....if your gonna go that route then get the PIAA superwhite which will run you like 70 a pair....but i think you would be fine with and love the silverstars
did you take a look at my 1 pice in my garage?
I did take a look at your pics and I actually like those. I have noticed the silverstars mentioned here before so I think I'll just stick with those. I just want something brighter than stock, especially if I go with smoked headlights.

this is one set I was looking at for headlights:


part of me tells me to get the clears but I do like the look of the smoke. plus, I do have my fogs blacked out too.


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ill be honest those are ok but not really...only b/c the little bulb in the headlight housing reminds me of too many vw's with those daytime running bulbs in the same location as the ones in the pic
I can understand your quest for better bulbs as I have done the same research also. Let me explain to you what I found.

Most of those filled with xenon gas blah blah blah on ebay and various other locations are a fake. What they do most of the time, is instead of the normal 55w draw, they up the draw to anywhere from 80 watts, to well over 100. This is obviously bad as it can melt and destroy your headlight wiring and moreover the harness itself. Not a good idea.

This is where PIAA has taken so much market share, as they have found a way to get 110w output with only a 55w draw. I will however, not endorse PIAA's as I am on my fourth pair. They use a technology that somehow burns brighter within the bulb itself, which is in turn its fatal flaw. They generally only have a 1 year lifecycle, and at 70 bones that gets as spendy as an HID kit after a few sets...

Toshiba in the late nineties came out with a new style product that is infamous in the high end car market (BMW, Mercedes) for guys who didnt get HID's on their cars. It is a bulb called HIR and you can actually find them on ebay as well. They are highly praised, and fairly inexpensive. I would recommend these bulbs before any others, including the PIAA's I have that I will not be buying again.

If you want an HID set, there is a guy on the NW forum that has a hookup for REALLY inexpensive sets, and many have seen the kit and been impressed with it. Heres the link:

Hope this helps, and any more questions feel free to ask :nice:
ok, I took a few new pics of my car today and was wondering if anyone who has any pics of cars with aftermarket headlights would be so kind as to photoshop them onto my car?

I had a friend photoshop the headlights from a car of a member here(sorry I can't remember who - its a killer silver mustang with "Under Pressure" on the windshield) and thought they looked pretty good(pic below).