Help Picking Out A External Fuel Pump


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Dec 8, 2015
Hey guys, I got a fuel cell and a hose from a friend and decided to install it on my notch. I'm not too familiar with external fuel pumps. The fuel cell's outlet and return's fitting size is -8. I was hoping if people who've installed a fuel cell and electric fuel pump could give me advice on which parts to buy and the do's and donts. I'm not looking to spend too much. 300 is my limit for the fuel pump and regulator and any other parts I made need. Thank you

Edit: car will be staying EFI. No major mods. Still looking to do anywhere between mid-high 200hp.
It has stock intake manifold and heads. Previous owner put a cam in it. All I've done is cold air intake. New radiator, pulleys, headers and efan.
I know stock injectors are 19 lbs. don't think I need to upgrade to 24/30 unless I get a great deal.
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Mar 7, 2002
Airtex P/N E2000 (preferably it's equivalent from another brand) works well for stock-to-stockish power levels with EFI. For serious power you'll want something better.

If going carbureted your choices range from those cheap little noisy Mr. Gasket pumps on up into the stratosphere for performance and price.

Either way more info on the car will get you a more detailed recommendation from me or others.
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