HELP!! something is leeking!!!


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Dec 12, 2001
Last spring I had a kenne bell supercharger installed. Only put about 1000 easy miles on since. When I pulled the car out of storage I noticed an red oil substance on the floor. It was not a huge puddle, but enough to notice. I could not identify exactly what is was. I also got under the car and everything seemed dry. I cleaned up the spot, took the car for a 5 mile drive and put it away for the night. Checked under the car, and nothing. I did run it a couple times while in storage. Any ideas? Could it be oil from the supercharger?
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I occassionally get that in mine. Don't know why, for some reason there is a spot and everything seems dry. When I had a warranty on it the dealer said the shifter was a little loose and fluid leaked out.