Help! Turn Signals Not Working But Hazards Do!


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Apr 9, 2003
Help! Turn Signals Not Working But Hazards Do!

Hey guys,

I'm praying someone here can guide me in the right direction with this because all my attempts have failed so far.

Basically, I bought this 92 GT with 500rwhp and the guy gutted a lot of stuff so I've been working nonstop on this car for the past couple of days trying to get it ready to pass inspection.

The big problem right now is that the turn signals don't work. What I mean is that when I pull the turn signal lever, no blinking comes on in the dash and no lights outside either, and no clicking sound.

However, when I turn the hazards on, the turn signals work and everything lights up, both inside and out.

Today I switched my friend's 88GT turn lever in for mine. No difference.

I then went out and bought a new flasher and replaced the one in the fuse box. No difference here either. I've been getting a lot of mixed advice here.

I called up dallasmustang and they said that the turn signal flasher and hazard flasher are the same thing, meaning there is only one flasher. But I have I heard from a few people that there are 2 different ones. I took out the seat and was on my back looking for this damn thing but I looked everywhere and there is not a second one. I will be taking pictures so that maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Any suggestions?

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