Help with 2001 Mach 460


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Mar 18, 2006
Hey guys I just got my 2001 GT with mach 460 premium audio. I just want to replace the head unit so I can have XM and mp3 and ipod capability. I have read the excellent article here called "replacing your 2001 mach 460 head unit"

unfortunately I'm a total newb to car stereo and could use some help. Here is what I purchased today

1) Alpine 9856 head unit - it is XM / Sirius ready and has the ipod high speed interface

2) XM Direct Universal Tuner
3) Alpine Smart Digital adapter for XM Tuner
4) Mounting Kit
5) METRA 70-5519 wiring harness as recommended in the article

I think that covers all hardware, but I am trying to learn more about this crossover stuff. It says in the article if your Head Unit does not have built in high and low pass crossovers you need to purchase them seperately. I don't know if my head unit has that, I've read all the documentation. Is using the filters necessary, will I mess something up or will it sound like crap if I don't use them? I don't want anything too insane, just something that sounds good and I can use my ipod and XM. Also, the head unit has 3 pair of RCA outs, do you use all 3 of them ? The picture of the harness (waiting for it to arrive from online order) doesn't really seem to indicate and it doesn't say in the article

thanks so much
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