Help with cam selection


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Aug 30, 2005
I am running a stock shortblock with a main cap girdle, trick flow twisted wedge heads, cobra intake, 65mm throttle body 30 lb injectors, 80mm Pro-M mass air meter,NOS plate system 150 horsepower (for now), unequal length shortie headers and an offroad h-pipe. have been tossing around many different possibilities on cams. F-cam, trick flow stage 1, e-cam with 1.7 roller rockers. In the past I liked the f-cam however I am open to suggestions from those who have had different combinatins. Can I get some help?
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If you're spraying you might want to think about a split pattern like a TFS cam, or a comp nitrous grind, or go custom. If you don't really feel like spending the extra for custom, I'd probably go with a TFS grind-they're still fairly inexpensive IIRC
The best choice is custom because of ur stock pistons. The second choice would be the TFS stage 2 cam. Two different tech's @ TFS told me the TFS stage 2 will clear P/V with stock pistons and the TW heads but u may have to degree the cam to make it clear.