Help with lean and no codes? Open to closed loop problem.


Oct 23, 2005
Kerrville TX
I am having a problem with my car. It is not evertime but... I start the car uit idles fine. I let it run for maybe 20 secs or so back up my car and start on down the road. It will start to "miss" and then dies. I have to crank and pedal it and it will start, but still not run 100% right. However as soon as it is showing temp around 180 on the temp gauge it runs perfectly fine. Never gives a problem past that. Its as if the problem is right at the point the car switches from open to closed loop that it has the problem. I switched the coolant temp sensor and the air temp sensor the first time it did it, but that did not help. The plugs are white and the 02 senors are white. The car when it is missing and dies smells like rotten eggs/ burnt clutch? Don't want to hurt my engine any ideas? I have always gotten code 31 (egr not on car and has not been for a long time) other than that no codes in current or memory.
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The car should go into closed loop after 30-120 seconds. This is a function of the O2's heating up, not the coolant temps (it generally happens way before the t-stat opens).

Have you checked the calibration of the ECT?
I have not checked the calibration, but I did change it with another one I had.The car starts to give me a problem about 1 min into driving it, but it doesn't seem to clear up till about the time the temp gauge shows 180, could just be a coicindence?