help with my steering click. last knock i have to chase down.


10 Year Member
Oct 17, 2003
Richmond, VA
only knock i have left is when your sitting still, and you turn the wheel from 12 to 2 o'clock, then to 10 o'clock and back, it clicks each time you cross 12 basically. it does it when driving too, like when turning wheels allot goign slow in a parking lot, ect. maximum motorsports said it might be my endlinks, or my steering shaft.

the endlinks i have are the trw ones that have the orange bushings. i have prothane ones sitting in my floor waiting for when i do my springs, shocks, lca's ect, and i think it might be my steering shaft, my rag joint is in great shape surprisingly, but the ujoint up top looks like it has some surface rust around where it pivots.

any ideas on what to check to find this clicking.

thanks guys
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