Help with new factory clutch


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Feb 3, 2004
Just had the dealer instal a new clutch in my 2003 GT after 60k miles. Seems low but that is not my question.
Now I have terrible clutch chatter. Dealer tells me clutch is not adjustable (no cable?) and I probably ground it(after 2 weeks driving).
Mechanic slipped up and told me the factory clutch replacment is inadequate for the car, something about pressure plate springs being too soft but that is the only clutch they, Ford, makes for this car and I am stuck with it.
They agreed to look at it tomorrow though so maybe I am not hosed yet.
Any thoughts about this? The old clutch was fine till it spit the bit.
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Sounds like they didn't resurface the flywheel before installing the new clutch or they contaminated the clutch disc with oil as it was being installed. If the pedal is way out of adjustment it could be slipping and overheating which can lead to chatter as well.

Honestly, why would a dealer say that the clutch isn't adjustable? There's a quadrant under the dash that automatically adjusts the clutch cable. It really should be reset after a clutch job.
Yes it was the flywheel, thanks. Hi and low spots, couldn't be resurfaced so they replaced it. Kinda thought they would have done that with the new clutch install.

They should have recommended a flywheel In fact ford does not want us to resurface flywheels at all, they won't pay for it under warranty..

Plus if the tech did a poor job installing like running the pressure plate bolts down with a impact gun you can get chatter and there is a adjustment it's done by pulling up on the pedal.

I have had some customers go elsewhere but I wont install a clutch without a new flywheel unless the owner will sign off that I am not responsible for chatter or any other issues.
When I had my 00GT, the stock quadrant couldn't adjust my clutch correctly. Replaced with an aftermarket piece and all was good.

yeah same here, I have used a firewall adjuster on both mustangs I have had and I recommend them to all mustang customers we have.. Well the ones up until 2004 :rlaugh: that would be bad if I recommended it to a guy with a 2005