Help with pcv vavle issues

Help with pcv valve issues

engine is pulling 15 on the vacuum gauge out of the manifold. I connect to power brakes and fuel pressure regulator and everything is fine but when i plug the pcv valve in my brake booster does nothing.. whats the deal? though i had a leak but sicen the pcv is on teh back of the lower intake i figure that would effect the vacuum with or with out the pcv vacuum plugged in.. any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hey double, You didnt mention what intake you ahve or I just didnt look anyway the factory goes the back side for brake booster, fpr, and egr. Then to the front side of the intake for the PCV and fuel vapor. If your trying to t-together or running the pvc fron the same branch it will act like a big vacuum leak. I know I did it when I put on my TFS. On the branch that screws into the intake run the brake on the 3/8 pipe and the fpr and egr on the two small one . Then on the front side of you intake (underneath of the top) thereis another 3/8 pipe hook the pvc to it youll have to run about two feet of hose. Hope this answers your ?
I'm afraid if you didn't have any vacuum at the pcv youve probably blown out the end seals at the intake. Try to gat a small mirrow down the back off the intake and look at mating surface between the intake and block. On your typhoon (edel copy) turn the top manifold upside down and youll have a place to hook up vacuum hose on the front side of the center on the back side of center is where your vac tree for the brakes and two small line comes out