Help with Tune-Up


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Jan 16, 2008
New Jersey
So I wanted to do a full tune-up on the Mustang.. These are the things that I found that I should do, please add anything else I need...

1) Spark Plugs/ Sparkplug Wires
2) Cap and Rotor
3) Fuel Filter
4) PCV Valve
5) Timing to 10 degrees
6) Flush and Replace Coolant
7) Trans Fluid
8) Rear End Fluid
9) Bleed Brakes
10) Oil/ Oil Filter
11) Air Filter
12) Serpentine Belt

Now.. For more questions.. I read that the best plug for our cars are the Autolite 25 coppers, but when I went to Autozone (I know, i know...) the guy said they didnt have them (at least not in the computer). He kept on insisting that I get the platinums.. Also, what are the best coolant, trans fluid, and rear end fluid i should get?

*The bold are the things I already have*
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Sounds like you got it pretty much covered.

Tell the guy at AZ to go to the back and get you "Autolite 25's", they should have them in stock, doesn't matter if he can find them in the CPU.

I'd clean the MAF, and get a new air filter, along with changing the oil and checking your suspension bushings.
replace the breather filter underneath the pcv valve. or atleast clean yours in a jar of carb cleaner. run a bottle of injector cleaner through your system too. berryman's B12 chemtool is really good stuff. i run a bottle once a month, if you don't, this would be a good time to. autolite 25's are good, or go with motorcraft sp-450's. both are copper plugs, both work well in our cars. as far as coolant, peak or prestone, both are good and mix with anything so either will work. trans fluid, just get a dexron mercon II/III. you need 2.7 quarts. for the rearend, you need 2 quarts of 75w90 or 80w90 and a small thing of friction modifier. friction modifier is required when changing the fluid in a limited slip rear. i just ordered 2 quarts of royal purple 75w90 and a bottle of ford racing friction modifier from for like $30.
1) Spark Plugs/ Sparkplug Wires....autolite #25 with 0.54 gap (IIRC)

2) Cap and Rotor (I run MSD for the look and function)

3) Fuel Filter (good idea)

4) PCV Valve (another good idea or atleast check)

5) Timing to 10 degrees (could probly bump to 13-14 deg with 91 octane or so)

6) Flush and Replace Coolant (almost any coolant except that dexcool crap) (dont forget to pull the drain plugs on the block and use some sealant on them)

7) Trans Fluid (for 5 speed use ATF dex/merc and about 2.5 to 3 litres)

8) Rear End Fluid (about 2.5 to 3 litres plus a bottle of posi lube) (royal purple says not needed with thier gear oil)

9) Bleed Brakes (I have been using regular old NAPA dot 3)

10) Oil/ Oil Filter (I use a NAPA gold #1515) (lots of guys like the motorcraft aswell) (I don't like FRAM because they started to realy cheap out once walmart signed a big contract with them)

11) Air Filter (K&N)

12) Serpentine Belt (good year gatorback is what I run and like them alot)

I would maby check the U-joints and grease them if they have fittings
clean and adjust the rear brakes if you are still drum
clean and lube front calipers
lube door hinges and strikers with a good thicker spray like Krown T-40
check your coolant strenght after you do the coolant flush
I always check all the lights when doing a service (less reason to get pulled over)
check ball joints and tie rods for play, and grease if they have fittings

that may be a little more than you planed on doing but a good maintenance never hurt.