Wheels-Tires Help with wheel selection. 93gt with lsc rotors and 94 rear


New Member
Oct 13, 2013
It appears my plan is a bit of an odd setup. I wasn't planning on doing a 5 lug swap yet but I need a rear and found one out of a 94 with complete brakes for cheap. I plan on getting the lsc 5 lug rotors for the front and using the stock brakes. The car will be used for autocross and some cruising. I would like to use 265/35/18 tires on 18x9 rims all around. I could go to 255 width on 17s if I had to. I have found that I can use 2005+ rims with a backspace of 6.2-6.7 in the rear, but the front is more troublesome.

I THINK I need a rim with a backspacing close to 5.7 in the front. I plan to run about 2 degrees of camber if I can with the c/c plates. I am having trouble finding 5 lug rims with that backspacing and certainly not finding a matching set with the backspacing I need for the rear. I guess I'd be OK with a small spacer in the front. Am I missing something? Would it be easier to get different axles for the rear to make it the stock width? Anyone have an idea how to make this work? I've been doing a lot of searching and reading, but I think I've hit my limit and am a bit overloaded. Thanks
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