HELPPPP!!!!! Power brake booster on a 67 .HELP ! Cant stopppp!!!!

The Hopkinator

New Member
Dec 5, 2002
The power brake booster crapped out on my 67 Gt500 . I sent the original off to be rebuilt by Allpro, it came back, put it on, a month later the engine starts going thoomp thoomp , the brakes lock up, and kaput. Turns out the newly rebuilt booster lost all its vacuum, I guess. Anyway, Id like to try and get it rebuilt again before going the aftermarket route, does anyone know a COMPETENT individual or company that can rebuild it ? Its a brake booster on a 67 GT500, power disc in front , drum in rear , 428 engine, 4 speed. Anybody know anyone or somewhere to send it ? Anyone ? Anyone ? Bueller ? Bueller ? :rolleyes:
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Thats weird that it would go out in tha short of a time...Are you sure the booster went out again or is your vaccum hose colapsing?

If you use regular 3/8's vacume line you run a pretty good risk of the hose collapsing, they sell power booster hose but its super stiff, looks ugly, and costs like $5 a foot. It was reccomended to me to use Tranny good and is alot cheaper.
I went through the same thing on my 67 coupe. If it is locking up, it's probably the push rod from the booster to the MC that needs adjustment. If it is too loose, the brakes will lock up on you. The Ford manual gives a measurement, but it is so small, that I just made sure the push rod barely touched the MC. It took 3 tries to finally get the brakes not to lock up.
I had Stainless Steel Brake Corporation (SSBC) rebuild....

the booster on my 67 GT350. Pricey but they did a good job. Still working fine after 5 years.

My experience with over-the counter "rebuilt" boosters is that the quality is very spotty. The last time the booster went out on my brother's 67 GT he went through 3 "rebuilt" ones before he got one that actually worked. The first two did not have any boost at all.