Here are some vids from last staurday at the track

I haven't raced in a year. So I just had to get it out my system. I double enter and went out first round in one entry and got down to 4(semi's) cars went the other entry. In time runs I went [email protected]. We pulled the motor out of it monday night getting ready to put a bigger one in.

1st round lost
YouTube - 5-1-10 77 Mustang RD1

1st round
YouTube - 77 Mustang RD2 5-1-10

2nd round
YouTube - 5-1-10 77 Mustang RD3

3rd round
YouTube - 77 Mustang RD4 5-1-10

4th round
YouTube - 77 Mustang RD5 5-1-10

5th round
YouTube - 77 Mustang RD6 5-1-10

I got to make a test pass in my buddies Dragtser. But I was a dumbass and left in high gear. But I did go 5.10@147 in the 1/8
YouTube - ME driving a Dragster for the first time 5-1-10
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