hey please dont shoot me


Nov 6, 2006
alright i'm working on my body work on my car:D

but its running like crap :nonono:

its leaking oil and coolant really bad and its blowing harder out of one of my exhaust pipes(my friend said this could be problems with the heads)

so i was wondering wat would be the cheapest way to rebuild or replace the motor
i will have a local shop do all the internal works and everything

wat i was thinking bout trying to do is get an explorer motor maybe stroke it to a 306
and get the heads and intake reworked and maybe a custom(or recommended cam from you guys)and hope for every day drivable 300rwhp

since i dont race or anything right now i was planning on gettin the body fixed now and start saving for a rebuild in the summer months where i'll be working full time.

is there any other pocket book friendly way to get reliable 300rwhp i'm just looking for a way to fix my sad motor:shrug:

and i havent done any kind of tests on my motor yet because i havent had a true off day for the last couple of months(with school and work) i was planning on doing one when i was working on prepping the body for the new paint job
i know if my motor is still good then i could just modd it but would it be cheaper and more really to just get an explorer that has heads and all already together i'm just looking for input on fellow budget builders
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