Homemade Boost Pipe


Jan 16, 2004
Waterloo, IA
Ive been doing some looking at some things to make a boost pipe for my stang to see if I could make one cheaper than buying one.

I think I'm going to make one out of 3 inch tubing because I have an A-Trim and I don't think I need to used 4 inch because my inlet is only like 65mm and I'm running a 70mm MAF.

What do you think?

What are some good websites for silicon or rubber elbows and connectors and some aluminum tubing?
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On a side note, the UPR Boost Pipe is a great deal, at least they were back when I had a supercharger. I had one on my car and it worked great, especially for $89 or 99. Your going to be hard pressed to make one out of *quality* stuff for that price, not to mention the labor of making it work.

You may even find a UPR pipe used somewhere if you look around.
honestly i wouldnt even try to make one, the UPR boost pipe is so cheap its better to buy that.

the oddball elbows and couplers will eat you up.

i payed like 125 brand new for my boostmaster from upr and it works great, picked up some power and a made 1 psi more boost on the top end.
My UPR pipe made more boost on a built h/c/i 306 than my homemade pipe made on the stock motor (same pulley/v2 s-trim). Considering the boost loss that should have been seen with the much better flowing top end, the UPR piece was worth the few extra bucks. :shrug:




I made my own out of 4" exhaust from the local truck stop/shop. Total cost including the silicone coupler was about 70 bucks. As you can see I even put a bung on the pipe for the by-pass that was directly below the bung in the discharge tube. This set up picked up almost 2psi from the crappy dryer vent tube that came in the SC kit. Went from a little less than 6psi to about 7.5 on the stock pulleys.



i'd try and make one first just cause i like to fart around with that kinda stuff, it looks pretty easy and straight forward to me :shrug: if it don't work as long as you didn't spend too much whats the harm