Hood flew open....Damage


Jan 21, 2004
Anyone have there hood fly open while driving? Well I did today. working under hood, closed hood and didnt put pins back in, went back inside the house, came out and just left. Cracked windshield, destroyed the plastic grill over windsheild wipers, and indented the panel between firewall and windshield. The part i dont to do about is the panel. Anyone ever experience this?
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yeah, been there too with my first mustang. I just finished washing my car and engine bay. I recieved a phone call and for some odd reason I decided to not close the hood all the way and told myself I was going to do it before I left. Well, when I left for the night, I was in such a hurry that I totally forgot and when I hit about 25 mph I flew open, guess it didn't help that I had the mach 1 hood with the two scoop. I was so heart broken and decided to sell the car and get a new Gt. I regret it to this day :(
oh damn dude that sucks , my friend in his camaro bought it with a 6 inch lift off hood off of ebay and after he drove all day to go pick it up the window was shattered, glass everywhere and the "400" dollar hood that he thought was such a good deal that came with the car was broken and chipped everywhere. the hillbillys excuse was "oh it just happened this morning on the way to the local 7 11"

anyways i never knew a fiberglass hood flying up is capable of that much damage

sorry to hear about that man
I just bought a Mach 1 hood and what should i do to prevent the hood from flying open.I dont really want to put hood locks on, so i was thinking of running a chain and lock on the inside to prevent hood from flying open, Is this a good idea.
When you say hood locks you're talking about hood pins too? I have hood pins on mines just incase the stock latch fails. I wouldn't want hood locks on mines because I'm constantly under the hood and it would be a pain in the ass to keep locking and unlock. Plus I don't know how good hood locks prevent the hood from coming up. If the locks fail theres nothing back them up.
I've had the stock latch fail, but the safetty latch caught it luckily. I think I read this somewhere on another thread. Hoodpins save lives. I'm not a big fan of the look of them, but forget getting your car messed up an account of some analness. Hoodpins forever. PS- I did see a ricer running around my town with these really trick hoodpins that he scored on ebay. Kinda a one peice design that interlocked the pins and the latch part.
The self contained pins that have been mentioned are sold at Advance Auto Parts and are Aluminum and you can get them in 4 different powder coats and natural color and will not rust. I like the design except you can not tell if they are locked or not without really looking and with pins you can see the pin is out. Use Dzus fasteners for the front of the hood and they look nice, fit flush and don't rust.
the hoods shouldn't fly up if they are installed right, unless the fiberglass breaks.

ive been worried about mine for awhile, and i bought some hood pins and they looked stupid. i couldn't drill into my custom paint, so i am just going to rig something up under the hood.

i was thinking of putting a connector at each end, hooking one end of it to the body somewhere, and the other to the latch area. incase it fails, it will hold it down enough to pull off and not have it smash the windshield.
hood pins are a must, in the talk section u hear alot about to get hood pins or not and the only answer is if u have a fiberglass hood, GET HOOD PINS, as much as u dont like the look(some people like them) they are a must imo alot of damage can be done without them