hood flew up, messed up the cowl in front of windshield!!


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Mar 26, 2001
well my hood flew up yesterday and damaged the plastic grille where the wipers connect to and the body itself under neath it, its pretty thrashed.

Can I just replace the body part?? and if so where??

It looks like crap, its all screwed up.
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Oh Geez!! Not another one of these threads! If you have a fiberglass hood, you NEED hoodpins!!!

You can replace the plastic cowl piece cheaply and easily but you will need a body shop to fix the rest of the cowl.

I cannot stress enough to get hood pins. This is like the tenth thread about people havin hoods fly up in the last 6 months!
Even if you pull the dent out, the metal in that area is just too weak. That area may need to be braced underneath and then bondoed or cut that part out of another car and have it welded back in yours. or The wiper cowl is pinch welded to the firewall of the car. I have a car w/ the same prob.......never got around to fixing it. I put pins on everything anymore. I really can't trust the factory latch.
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Or, to quote you:
man, that sentence would be more true if you spelled all that right. but hEy, i type toO fast to spell right either [also].

I'm just messing with you (I feel especially bad because I just messed with you on another thread). :cheers: