Hood latch problem


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Dec 15, 2001
El Paso, Texas
Ok, so I finally painted my hood, but it does not want to snap on to the latch. It goes through the yellow handle ok, but it just wont go enough to push the part that secures it. I tried washers, aligning and re-alinging it. So what i have now is a hood that is just held on by hood pins and no security. Can anyone help me? The hood pins I have now I bought at autozone, which are ok, but if I cant latch the hood on, I need pins that lock. Anyone have locking pins on theirs, where'd you get them?

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New Member
Aug 30, 2005
sounds like the latch needs to be raised up. take it off and grind the two little pegs on the backside off so that u can get some adjustment on it, then keep moving it up a little at a time until it closes the way u like it.
Might sound stupid but is the hole cut into the hood large enough to even fit the latch in it? the hood I bought wasn't made well and the opening in the hood for the latch wasn't big enough to fit the latch in it so I ground it out with the die grinder and all was well.

On a side note, remove the latch all together. Fit the hood to the fenders and bumper. Once you get it fitting ok, then put the latch in. And adjust it accordingly, make sure its not too high because your hood will flop around, use the rubber bumpers to adjust the height and put a little pressure on your hood.