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Greetings, all! This is my first post. I have a 2003 Mustang GT convertible in zinc yellow. I've been doing work on it lately. Next up new top!

But that's not what brings me here. My LH bottom rear speaker grill has come off, and I am not sure how to re-secure it. It looks like it has some pins, but they don't snap in. I'm reluctant to glue it. Should I? It also needs new speaker fabric, so that is a first step I'd like to do before attaching it. I thought maybe it was broken, so I searched for a replacement but couldn't find the part. I'm attaching pictures. I'd be very grateful for advice or instructions on how to put it back together. Thanks in advance!

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Just back to document how I resolved this issue in case it's useful for anybody else. I tried with the glue gun but it didn't work for me. It's probably because this was my first time using a glue gun and I did something wrong! I ended up using 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive. I picked mine up at Lowe's but you can get it pretty much anywhere for $10 or less. After removing the old damaged speaker mesh, I recovered using the material Noobz347 linked above from Amazon. I also ordered a bunch of binder clips as Noobz347 also suggested to hold the fabric in place when drying. It worked great. Be careful trimming the excess bit. The adhesive may not be as strong as your tug, so trim gingerly. It turned out that the pegs on my speaker grill were not at all damaged, or at least not significantly damaged. I was able to put the grill back in place after recovering it with no issue. You have to find the spots on the front corresponding to the pegs on the back and press firmly until it snaps multiple times. Just walk around the perimeter a few times pressing firmly and you'll hear it snap into place as you pass each peg. Attaching photos for illustrations. Good luck. Easy project!



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I thought they popped off and ended up breaking the plastic welds. I sanded them down until the grille fit flush then used JB Weld plastic epoxy. Put a dab on the pins then held it up against the trim panel and it looks like new now
Little late to the party, but they attach with plastic welds. Basically, you can heat up a soldering iron, push the grill in, and melt the plastic tabs to secure it in place. Obviously the panel needs to come off first for access to the backside.

Here's a shot of a panel on the backside. The "domes" are where the plastic tabs were melted over to secure it