Houston guys come in!


Please ask me how much my supercharger cost
Apr 6, 2004
Texas City TX
Ok first of all:

Yes mods i know this should be in regional forums but you know as well as i do no one goes there...a-tleast leave it in talk for a day so all the houston guys can see this

We have been talking about meeting up at the track for a while now, lets do it!

Hows tomorrow at baytown? (sunday the 26th)

I know for sure my friend in his 700hp cobra will go, i am definitely down, i can maybe get a couple more of my buddies to go, one has a mach 1 and the other a camaro ss...

Lets do it!

edit: We can also go next friday or sunday, whatever is better for you guys my schedule is wide open...
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Next weekend is going to be FFW and you should be there anyways ;)

It'll probably need to be a few weeks to give everyone time to get ready for it. I know that Winters is going out of town for a bit (not sure when) and it'll take a bit. There are other members on here as well so maybe they'll chime in when a time is good for them.
thanks for posting up, wont be able to make it tom or next week.

At least we now get to see who is interested for meeting up in the future.