How do I wire three coil packs??


Feb 3, 2008
How do I wire three coil packs for flaming exhaust??

I have the obvious one running the distributer and two more under the rear bumper to power two sparks plugs in my exhaust (the propane tank is in, and plumbed). I cannot figure out how to wire these into the car. I ran a hot wire from a momentary switch to the coils in the rear and then grounded the other connection, and i got a spark each time i hit the button, but what I want is multiple sparks when i hit the button. So i spliced the two wires from the coils in the rear to the coil under the hood, hit the button and the car dies. If anyone knows how to correct this, please let me know. A diagram would be really nice :hail2:
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I have an answer but it is expensive and if you aren't an electronics technican, you wouldn't be able to do it. It requres reading circuit diagrams, building circuits on a prototype or wire wrap board and some troubleshooting to make it work.

You build an oscillator circuit that feeds the trigger pulse to two TFI modules. The TFI modules switch the ignition coil power on and off, creating spark. A relay controls power to the oscillator, TFI modules and ignition coils, allowing you to switch it on and off. The same circuit could be used to build a TFI module tester.

dude, you're awesome, i will look deeply into that. I am on a mission to get this working exactly how i want, and almost no cost is going to limit me....I would love to build this myself instead of just buying something. I am very hands on and this is great info for me, thanks:nice: