how do you install fog light bulbs


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Nov 25, 2001
birmingham al
bought silverstars for head and fog lights, got the headlights in fine, cant get the fogs in. i took the clips out and the cover off, and the 2 bolts where the front bumper and grill meet, i tried to bend the tabs up on the sides(2 on each side) can get the top but not the bottom, any other way to do this? it doesnt help with tight spaces and hams for hands
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i have the silverstars in my fog light, it looks alot more whiter with a little shade of baby blue and is brighter also, cant say the same for my headlight cause it looks almost the same.

But i didnt have to take the grill off when i put in the fog lights, but i almost scratched off the paint. Would be alot better to just take the grill off, maybe lay under the car would help you get access to the lower clips better

Like Goldenpony says, the instructions for fog lamp replacement are in the manual. Unfortunately, they don't provide a picture. I didn't remove the bumper cover bolts as the instructions say. I just removed the radiator cover and then loosened up the grille. The tricky part as I recall was getting the grille clips loose so that you can move the grill and have clearance to work. I think there are at least four plastic triangular clips that snap into retainers to keep the grille in there. You have to push the clips outward so they can clear those retainers. When you see the setup it will make sense. Replacing the grille is really easy since they just snap back into the retainers.