How do you pull the gas door off?

i gotta pull my gas door offa my 91 lx so my painter (read: dip****) can match the paint, and paint my saleen wing. i didnt have a light last night so i couldnt see how it was bolted in there.... 1 bolt, 2 bolts.. anyone know?
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kj2833 said:
Boy oh boy, i hope he isnt a dip for not being able to get the gas door off :rlaugh:

No, if you read some of my older posts on the painter, youd know that i was refering to him being an ass for not painting my wing when he had the car.... taking almost 2 years to paint the car, and it still came out *****ty
i dont read every thread...

2 years? WTF is wrong with you? you let him keep your car that long? thats your fault, that should have been a warning. I would have went and got it at the two to six month point, there is no excuse, no matter how busy he is not to have it done by then, and i would have stiffed him on the payment. And you keep taking it back to him! seriously whats wrong with you? Dont tell me because its free, because you are gonna get more crappy work.