How fast can the stock 5.0 Block really take me?


Dec 1, 2005
I've been thinking about my build recently. I have a 94 gt convertible with an AODE. I know the 302 can handle around 500 hp... With supporting mods, how fast can it really take me? 1/4 mile wise. I know I'm heavy, an AODE, and weight is really against me.

Should I be looking at making more power and using a 351 block?

Information/Suggestions/Quotes/Examples are really appreciated here guys.. I'm really trying to plan ahead.
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i'd suggest looking for a mexican block 302 or a 351 if your on a bugget but want more reliability. but if you do decide to do the stock block thing I know of quite a few people who have had good luck with them and even made it into the 9's but i've also seen a lot of people who werent so lucky.
Safely with a heavy 'vert and an AODE.... I'd guess and say 11's as I think you'll need close to 500rwhp to get into the 125mph trap speed range and that is going to put you in the bottom 11's. I don't think it'll see 10's reliably.