How Hard Is It To Change The Door/trunk Locks?


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Mar 29, 2014
hello there I have a problem and it'd be nice you guys could help :) long story short: i had an issue with my ignition and the key was unextractable so i had someone change it. now i have a new key that turns on my car but doesnt work in the trunk or doors. Is my best option to get the door/trunk locks changed? If so, how hard will it be for someone like me who has never done anything similar to this at all. Mine is '95 I'm really scared of messing things up. Also is getting a new key for the trunk/doors an option even though i only have about 48% of the key?

edit: sorry wrong section! I really thought this was in the '95 section
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It might be cheaper/easier just to have a locksmith "rekey" the door and trunk locks to match the new key. Don't think anything would need to be taken apart if you go that route.

hm I might do that. If i brought the original ignition cylinder to a locksmith do you think he'd be able to make a new key? if not i'll just go with the re-key ideal :)