How Hard to get a Carbed Stang through emmissions

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Really? I didn't know that. Learn something everyday, right? Huh. You sure that isn't only in Taxachusetts? Your state is so screwed up they would have something like that. (nothing against you of course! I'm just an unhappy neighbor- I figured with how you worded your location you could take it) Anyway, I was under the impression that you just had to supply paperwork with carb numbers for everything you changed. We never had any problems doing it that way at the shop.
As far as I remember, it's an EPA thing - which would make it Federal.

I think that most emissions testers don't even realize what alot of the inspection laws are. I had one guy fail one of my trucks because the aftermarket driving lights didn't work - he swore that the law said that all lights must be in working actually says that all FACTORY original lights must work........

Yeah, this state sucks. If I could afford to leave, I would be gone in a matter of seconds! :)
No. Not if it's being tuned by someone who knows what they're doing, and the car runs well and has the proper emissions equipment- most importantly, good catty converters. It doesn't usually hurt on the higher mile motors to chemically detox the engine if it hasn't been done, usually costs a couple hundred bucks but you wouldn't believe the crap you can blow out the tailpipes with the right stuff... made a huge difference on getting my 180,000 mile carbed '84 GT through.
I took my orange car through without any problems. It was a healthy running motor, had some real nice goodies on it, and the only peice of emissions was the cats, nothing else was there.

All I did was tune the idle air-fuel mixture way lean, to the point it was stumbling and would die, etc. It was enough to let it go through emissions at idle and on the dyno. Just turned it back when I was done.
I'll put my two cents in...

The carb to EFI swap means that you'll need to replace the ignition with a duraspark. There is no working MAF or TPS to tell the computer how much spark advance to run.

Once the computer is removed there is no way to control the smog pump. The two vacuum valves controlled by the computer have no source for their signals. Other people will tell you that a smog pump isn't needed for catalytic converters, but I won't. The excess air reacts with the catalyst to burn up the hydrocarbons. The cats will eventually clog and fail, restricting the exhaust flow.

Carbs are cheaper than fuel injection & if Ford could have met the air quality & polution limits using a carb they would have done it.

Here's a book that will get you started with how the Ford electronic engine control or "computer" works, with some excellent information on how it controls emissions.

Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control 1988-1993 by James Probst :ISBN 0-8376-0301-3.

It's about $20 from see . Select boo...ns is digging a deep & expensive hole. :bang:
Did I mention mine went through with flying colors? Granted, it wasn't a carb conversion, but it always passed with single digit readings where I was allowed double and triple digits. It ran cleaner than my EFI that is seven years newer and runs at least as well. I'll agree on one big huge point though- it may be cheaper to build HP with a carb, but driving with one every day and having it legal can be way more expensive than it's worth. I wish I hadn't sold that car, but I don't miss the carb one bit.
Are you saying it would be expensive to pass my 418 with NO cats or smog and a 1000cfm carb :rlaugh: Good thing we have no emmisions (yet, crosses fingers) but I would be focked on a visual :rlaugh: Oh well, time to find a 79 stang and do a vin swap :shrug:
stangbear427 said:
Yeah, ours in CT is out of commission now too. (for the time being) Hopefully it stays gone for awhile :notnice: :notnice: :notnice:
I think it's 20 years to exeption here anyway, so my '84 would be outa the running now if I'd kept it... :rolleyes:

That's where I took my orange car through -- in CT.