How I spent most of my tax refund!


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Mar 31, 2005
These just came in today :D :

The holset still awaiting a rebuild:

The intake and Injectors (needs to be dusted, I know :nonono: )


Anyway heres specs:
Engine: 351 Complete forged bottom end, flat top pistons
Cam: Trickflow Stage 2
Heads: Edelbrock Performer RPM, ported
Intake: EFI Spyder, going to be cleaned up and port matched
Trans: C6, manual valve body
Fuel: #42 ford racing injectors, Aeromotive fpr, A1000 fuel pump, and filter
Turbos: Holset WH1E, Garret T3, 38mm wastegates, ssqv blowoff valve, and a big intercooler I robbed off an International Box truck.

Anyway thats my project for this spring! everything is done except for fitting the turbos, and port matching the intake. Well let me know what you guys think.
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Altogether I think the total was about $9200 for everything over a period of 2 years, damn I've got a really understanding wife :D . this year I got about $4800 back.
I dont have any new pics but:


Changes since these are Polished saleen knockoffs, and the 4" hood is gone (too many tickets, then they start looking for "other illegal things" :bang: )
yeah im kinda wonderin on the injectors too, im thinkin i might need 60's or so. as far as the rebate I just pay my $50 for my business license, and write everything off, too bad I can only do that 2 out of 5 years tho