How much do you think its worth?


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May 12, 2003
I have been entertaining ideas of selling my stang lately but im not really sure how much its worth.

Its a tripple black convertable, with over a 100k on the body, rebuilt motor 20k ago, new head gasket within 1000 mi, arp head bolts, t-60 turbo kit(including fmic, bov and so forth), 4"dp, 42# injectors and Maf, 3.73 gears, spec clutch, torq thrust II's, cowl hood fresh paint, etc.

What do you think I could get for it?
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i don't know a whole lot about pricing cars but if i were looking at the car and everything. It looks like a nice car and all from your avatar. i have the exact same style and color. I got a 95 gt conv. black on black. I would say with the rebuilt engine and turbo kit with your other mods. i would have to say probably about around $8500-$9500 but i could be wrong. maybe even higher!!