How much HP/Torque have I added with these parts?


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Aug 12, 2021
I have a stock ‘68 c code 289 bottom end and i’ve got all the below ready to be fitted, how much power at a best guess have I added?

Hooker comp long headers
Flowmaster American thunder 2.5” dual exhaust
Edelbrock RPM intake
Holley 600cfm carb
Edelbrock air filter
Petronix electronic ignition w/ new plugs and leads
AFR 165 58cc heads
Comp came 262XE cam
3.25 gears


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I would make a wild guess that set up properly that combo could make somewhere around 350HP, but in the end my wild guess does not matter...and neither does anyone else's. There are way too many variables for internet guessing and ricer math to be anywhere close to accurate. There are only 2 ways to get something close to accurate:

1. Go to a dyno.
2. Go to the drag strip, run the 1/4 mile then estimate your power/weight ratio from cars that run similar times.

3. Use one of the accelerometer smart phone apps to estimate it. This is probably the least accurate way and the most likely to tell you what you want to hear instead of reality, but still better than nothing.
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