How much HP will a GSS340 handle??

My combo is in my sig along with 42# injectors and a 80mm Pro-M. I never had a problem with my stock 80lph old fuel pump on my stock supercharged motor. I did put in a 255lph high pressure pump which is a lot bigger than my stocker. Will this pump support the 42# injectors putting down maybe 340-350rwhp or will I need to get a T-Rex also?? I thought these pumps could handle the power but I dont want to go to a dyno and find out im lean on top... :shrug:
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Rick 91GT

Mustang Master
Nov 29, 1999
You should be fine, we added a ATI inline just for piece of mind up top 36# inj, 430-465 to the wheels. Just make sure you wires are in good shape, if you do not get the correct voltage to the pump it will not flow up to it's capabilities.
Yea i'm estimating around 340rwhp. Thanks guys for your reply's. I could have sworn there was a guy on here that was making over 400rwhp with only a gss340 but just wanted to make sure and see what others had to say about it. Anyone else know the limits of this pump??