how much hp would full bassani exhaust add?

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americanjesus said:
they did this in muscle mustang and fast fords on a 97 gt auto. it droped a full second in the quarter, and gain around 20 rwhp. the headers are called optimum length i believe

Theres no possible way 20rwhp will drop 1 sec off an E/T. Bassani makes Mid length headers, they fall right between shorties and long tube headers in length. I would estimate a 15-25rwhp gain with that setup.
if you did the mid lenght, o/r x-pipe, catback there is probably 20hp there.

give or take a couple hp.

you have to remeber mods don't always stack. a stock car may make 8hp with a mide pipe and 9hp with a catch back but 13hp with both. if that makes sense. you can't alwasy just take the bolt on face value and stack them all up. you have to make all the mods and see what they come up to.