How much money have you put down on your stang?

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The same week I bought me car i had to rebuild my transmission, my 3rd gear was shot. that was 2100. Before I had my car the exhaust and intake was on sooo thats at least close to another grand. Then this last december, new hood, new passenger door (got into an accident) painted them, and new tires, that was another grand. So im up there around 4-5 grand, but im pretty sure most of the guys here have me covered lol.
im assuming ur talking about down payment, i put my ws6 as down payment
differentially NOT a cheap car to have. because sooner or later the mod's will start
as far as repairs. i have been lucky so far just spark plugs and tires
Sorry, I wasn't clear before, I'm talking about how how put money have you put down on your car on mods or repairs.

like i said before.i have been lucky so far as repairs go, i don't even want to think about how much i have spent on MOD's. and all the new box's of parts in my room. lets just say im lucky my lady don't leave me, and i just doing bolt on's
I dont want to think about it. :(I bought the car new, and I've never stopped spending money on it. I'm keeping it forever tho. I'll be the one and only owner until I croak.:nice:

I should clarify tho.... this car has been very reliable. I have put most of my cash into mods. I replaced a few aging parts (it looks like it just rolled off the lot) but nothing major has gone wrong yet. Fingers crossed.
1st one- stalker kit and to get painted - 4000, wheels and tires - 2100, wrecked it, got it fixed (10,500), 2nd one, didnt spend much on it, a system (400), 3rd one, spent about 200, current one, spent about 1000. So all together I have about 18,000 in Mustangs without the price of the car itself. wow
2000 GT with T45. Currently @ 146k, bought it with 62k.

Mods: $3500 (approx)
Tri Ax - 160
Flowmaster catback - 320
SLP catback - 120 (used)
SLP LM II mufflers - 180 (new)
Bassani catted x - 50 (used)
Mac H pipe - 150
Gears - 180
Rear diff bearing kit w/ gears - 90
SCT programmer - 400
K&N - Just say 50
03 Cobra wheels - 200 (used)
Mach chin spoiler - 100
Mach grill delete - 70
Smoked headlamps - say 120 cant remember
Cobra calipers front and rear/rotors/rear bracket kit/lines - 600
Tint - 100
HID's - 140
Speedhut gauges - 110
Mach 1 seats - 400

2 sets of plugs
On 3rd set of tires, about $600 a set
Upper/lower rad hoses
(2) thermostats
(1) ignition coil
(2) fuel filters
(2x) rear diff
(1x) power steering fluid
(1x) brake fluid
(2 - 3x) trans fluid
(2) serpentine belts
(2) batteries
(1) clutch/pilot bearing
(3) throwout bearings - squeak
Plus misc bulbs and I dont know how many oil changes. All numbers and services have been PARTS ONLY. Add up labor and it might be pretty high. But sometimes I just do things just to do it. Still driving on factory longblock and trans.
I bought my Mach in Sept. '04.
Maintenance- 1 set of tires, multiple oil changes, transmission and rear end fluid changed.

Performance/Dress up-$3,500.

If I had money to burn I would have spent alot more, but this is it for me. I have'nt spent a dime on it in 2 years.
built engine, roughly 8-9K
Viper T56 5K
blower with IC 6.5K
fuel system 1K
built rear 1.5K

thats 23K off the top of my head, not including any dress up stuff, extra rims or anything else

stuff adds up quickly!!

BTW i did 99% of the work myself, so this does not include install costs