How much power will I gain?


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Feb 1, 2006
I have a 96 gt and I had the car dynoed and all it had done to it was exhaust. It put down 192HP. I am going to put some PI heads, intake, and cams on next week and then get it tuned. The other parts I am going to put on are some BBK shorty headers, Trickflow upper intake with a 75mm accufab TB. and maybe a JLT cold air kit. and I am going to take the egr junk off. It is going to be tuned with SCT xcal 2. What kind of power should I expect? Thanks!
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you wont gain any hp with the cold air, or headers. I have dynoed the headers on my ported headswap car, and track tested the bbk cold air kit and it hurt my times. You're basically throwing money down the drain with those 2 mods, and proboly the tb and upper intake as well.

As stated, put a set of real headers on the car, add the cams and valvesprings, drop in a kn and have the car tuned. 275-295rwhp should be within reach.
I haven't got the JLT yet. but I already have the shortys. They have got to make some kind of power. The reason I'm not going to put longtubes on is because it cost to much money to do and to put a clutch in I would have to pull the headers off. and thats to much work for just a clutch. Thanks for the input and I'll let ya'll know what it will put down.
yep, after my first pi headswap, I installed a set of shorties. Big waste. I couldnt find the dyno of it that I posted 6 years ago, Im looking at the corral to see if I can find it there.

Sale the headers and get what you can for them, and chalk them up as a mistake.
What kind of power should I expect? Thanks!
1 million H.P.