How much power will my motor have with these mods?


Jul 13, 2003
I finally got enough money saved to rebuild my motor in my 95 GT. i have ordered most of the parts, but not all yet. i was wondering if anyone had a ball park figure with what i just got/getting. thanks a lot the mods are
347 stroker
GT40P heads and intake (from explorer)
70mm TB
30# injectors
e-303 ford racing cam
1.7 roller rockers
Central Coast Mustang headers for the P heads

i also have a JET performance chip and a BBK offroad X pipe already on
and hopefully i will get some type of mufflers soon after

also, how fast in the 1/4?
i have a shift kit in the auto and 3.73 gears
i know its a lot to ask, but im just curious if anyone had any suggestions

thanks a lot
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Did a search and bumping this thread. Would love to hear how this combo turned out. I believe, the GT40Ps in stock form would basically choke the that stroker into semi-conciousness with any revs. I've been doing a little research on this combo, and I've seen some GT40P's from a couple of places ported to flow around 240cfm intake and 200 cfm exhaust. Just adequate, and for what the price was (I believe about $1,600 a set assembled), AFR heads become an option and fast. However, I'm curious if anyone on this forum IS currently running stock (or close to it) "p" heads on a 347 and what kind of power they are making.
95YellowGTbeasT said:
by gosh i would do it just to see how much power you could make with the gt-40ps then have a couple bucks saved up for some more heads.

Nick :nice:

Easier said than done, Nick. Check out my current location :( Better to find out here in the forums than do it yourself (aka "the hard way"), right? :p
305hp/350tq at most. Car will nose dive after 5200 and make really nice bottom end tq. If you can afford it down the road, put real parts on it and shoot for over 400hp ;) Dont use that stupid chip. Get yourself a set of 1 3/4" longtubes! Port the manifold inlet to fit that 70mm tb, I dont think the explorers are 70mm opening.
BlueOvalStangGT said:
dude you got a mustang in china?

I wish. I only get to see it when I go home about twice a year. You know there is a song here in China that talks about my dilemma, part of it goes like this:

"...when I had the time, I didn't have the money, when I had the money, I didn't have the time..."

How true...