Mach 1 How often do you see another Mach 1 of your color?

My girlfriend called me at work the other day and asked if everything was ok because as she was coming home she saw, what looked like, my car leaving my office's parking lot. I said everything was fine and that I hadn't left yet. We figured some other Azure Blue Mach 1 owner saw my car and decided to check it out. Today as I was heading out for lunch I saw another Azure Blue Mach 1 parked infront of a closed Burger King. I am assuming it was the same car that my girlfriend saw a few days ago. I parked next to it and took a picture with my cellphone camera (which I'll post when I get home from work and can retrieve it from the phone) but I noticed a couple of cops watching me so I decided to not hang around any long.
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The only Azure Blue Mach I've seen in the suburb I live in, is the one I drooled over for 6 months as I drove by it quite abit going to lunch. It turned out to be the one I bought, but did'nt know the owner was selling it at the time.
Have not seen another yellow yet. Seen a white one in on the way to work one morning and a red one. I do see a black one coming out of the neighborhood area I live in 3 or 4 times a week but I dont know where it lives exactly.
The only other time I saw a black mach was before I even bought mine. It was less than a mile down the street from my house. There was an azure blue one for sale right across the street from that one too. But since I bought mine, I have not seen a black mach on the road..just a few blues and a red..and a yellow one for sale
I guess the area I live in is Mustang Heaven or something.. There's a couple Azure Blue Mach1's, a Yellow Mach1, Comp. Orange (doesn't come out much), a Torch Red one, couple Black ones and a white one.. only seen a DSG one about 3 times tho.

However, when I go to other cities within 80 miles or so, there's SOOOO MANY. There's 2 yellow machs at my university, 2 white ones and a blue one.

And, one of my good friends owns a white 2004 Mach1 5spd and MAN I LOVE THAT CAR!!! :drool: :drool:
That blue one has been seen quite often around here lately. It is kinda pissing me off because people keep coming up to me and saying, "I saw you going down X street yesterday around 5:00," and it wasn't me! I tried to explain to one co-worker that there is another A.Blue Mach 1 in the area and she didn't believe me. I am just waiting on this car to cut someone I know off, or flip them off, or get caught going somewhere suspicous and I getting blamed.

I actually had something simular happen when I was 16. My grandmother saw in a paper that someone with my first and last name had been arrested and she thought it was me.

Yeah, I am not surrounded by smart people...
I saw ANOTHER Azure Blue Mach 1 today. I was in the North part of Indy and saw one parked. It looked completely stock, like mine. I may have to have mine repainted another color. Do you think it would look good purple?

jasonh_86 said:
Reimann, that avatar is hilarious.. yet so true :(

Yeah, it's so funny it makes me want to cry
i own a black mach 1 i know a guy with a red one i know another guy with that mineral gray kinda color and i know another guy with another black one and my buddy is goin this weekend to look at gettin a white one.