How to bypass heater core


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Oct 16, 2004
Lubbock, Tx
HI, my heater coil has a crack or something in it, so its leaking coolant. In my search I found out that bypassing it with some piping is way easier than replacing the coil. So could someone explain to me how to do so, or at least point me in the right direction? I'm not sure which piping goes into the heater core and out of it.
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There are 2 hoses that come out...they go to a "twin pipe" that runs along the the Valve covers...

GO here:

This is the manual for installing the Vortech SC.. Page 9 of 24 has an illustratoin on removal of the hoses/pipes, since it has to be done to install the Vortech..

Hope this helps.
Is the crack in the front of the core, can you see the crack? If so, waterweld works wonders. It is made by the same people that make JB Weld. I had a crack on the front of my heater core. I used the waterweld and put a container of Alumiseal in the radiator and it worked like a charm.
stingeragent said:
Ok, I read the file and so I know which 2 hoses it is. But now im confused and it doesn't say. Do I need to connect the 2 hoses together, or do I just cap off the ends of em?

The lower intake has a fitting that screws into it. This fitting is attached to 2 metal tubes that run along the lower intake towards the back of the engine. All this does is allow coolant to flow through the heater core.

You can do one of 3 things. Plug both of the metal tubes. Make a hose that goes from 1 tube to the other. Or remove the fitting that screws into the lower intake (the 2 tubes will come with it, so you will have to remove the 1 bolt that holds the 2 tubes to the lower intake) and find out what thread that fitting is (take to local hardware store), and get a bolt or plug and screw it into the lower intake w/ some thread sealant on the threads.

Any of the above will work, pick whatever works for you.