How To Measure For Replacement Axles?

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Nov 29, 1999
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Well,...I thought I had this part behind me,......but uhh no, no I don't.

I shortened a 95 GT disc brake rearend housing approximately 3.5" ( 1.75" on each end) back in October. I sent the stock axles to Moser to have them shortened accordingly. When I opened the box yesterday, ( I didn't need the axles until that) I was surprised w/ these little short assed axles inside (total axle length from tip to flange 24.75") According to Moser, an axle this short will fit a housing that is only 44" housing flange to housing flange.
Turns out that there was some confusion on my part communicating the housing length to Moser, and they cut the axles thinking I had a total axle length of 50.75" (axle flange to axle flange)
I arrived at that measurement by sticking the wheels in the openings, w/o the rearend in place and measured the wheel mounting surface-to wheel mounting surface, but somehow now it's all kinds of phucked up. I can't imagine making a mistake that far off, but evidently, I did.
The guy @ Moser told me that they cut according to my measurements, and additionally they called to confirm before cutting and I cannot dispute. Actually, I do not know how I screwed it up, but I did.
$175.00 straight down the toilet.

I'm wondering if there is some stock replacement axle out there that I can buy w/o having to order custom length axles, and so the crux of my question is how do you measure for that axle?
Do I stick the crosspin back in, and measure from the pin to the bearing, and how do I compensate for the amount of "float" the axle has to have in order to get the C-Clip accomodated?
Whatever total length the stock 95 disc brake housing was before I cut it, It should be only 3.5" shorter than that, but now I don't have an axle that fits to even guesstimate.
It'll slide in and barely start into the diff when completely bottomed against the ABS wheel, but I don't know how far it's supposed to pull back out after a C clip is on.

It was so much easier when I had 9" housing ends, a full spool and no C clip to consider,..but that isn't what I have this time.
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Stock axles are 29 31/32" and that is measured on a diagonal. If you shortened the housing 3.5" they only need to take an 1 1/4" off each axle. I just went threw this when I shortened mine but I chopped my housing down 6.5".
I'll just leave this here:


Looks like the language police are on patrol to bad there knowledge doesn't include helping the OP and his problem.

there- look over there
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Sorry Mike about the problem. We've all been there. Moser and other manufacturers have a chart of stock axle lengths.
If it makes you feel any better, I had to pay $200 to have my trans cases swapped because I didnt specify I needed the 2 bolt starter on the trans you talked me into buying for my truck.
Ohh,....... so I not only have to deal w/ the loss of my own 200.00,...but I also have to atone for your purchases as well?;)

Drive the C-6 for a few more months,..the extra gas you waste will make the case swap thing seem cheap after awhile.:cool:

How does all of this tell me how to determine how to measure for the replacement axle?:shrug:
I'm just thinking out loud, but each axle should be shortened per the length removed from that tube. It's been about 20 years, but the old "pro-street" look used to equate to a lot of narrowed rear-ends. For "C" clips, it required the removal of the carrier, replacement of the axles/bearing etc. and a measurement of the (stock) distance between the axles to ensure they would meet factory specs once trimmed and notched for the clips. Simple answer, remove the exact length you removed from the tube and have them notched and splined according to the stock dimensions.