How to plumb the rear lines on a 57 9 inch


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Jun 24, 2004
Frankfort, Ky
I got it all in and the brakes all redone but I can't find the distribution block that came of this thing at any of the parts house. I can make a hose and T fitting work but it just doesn't look right and has nothing to mount to the houseing. I was looking in my year one and they have a rear hose with block for 67s with 9 inches, will this work? If not anybody know of where I can find a 57 distribution block for this thing?
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The stock hose on a 67 bolts to the axle.
Just did the same thing on my 67.

For about the same price as a new one you can get Russell Braided hose. I have one I am about to install it.
If you want I'll sell you my used stock type one for cheap.
PM me.