How to remove an aftermarket steering wheel?

My '65 I6 200 coupe came with drums, and manual steering/brakes. The previous owner was a 17 year old girl who got rid of the car because it was too hard to steer and she wanted a new car with power steering. I can understand that with the whole female driving a car without powersteering (no offense ladies) but maybe it was hard to steer because she had a 10 or 12 inch steering wheel on there. Have to ever tried to steer in a parking lot w/o P/S using a doughnut!!! That is about what it is like. Anyway, i purchased a new 15 inch nogistalia steering wheel and it is all prepped to be installed, but i can't figure out how to get the aftermarket steering wheel out of there. It is made by Grant and has a GT button in the center, if anyone knows how to get that P.O.S. off without breaking the column, please let me know.
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same way you take off an old one ;) My grant has a plate that holds downt he horn button, the plate is held in place by some allan wrench bolts. Take that off and theres a few other bolts and or a nut depending how it is put on, either way you might need a puller to get everything off.
first disconnect the battery, then remove the five or so Allen bolts, which will allow the wheel assy to come off...disconnect the two wires plugged into the back of the horn button. Then remove the large retaining nut from the steering wheel shaft and remove the wheel. WIth an aftermarket wheel, you might be able to just pull off the remainder of the mounting kit. If not, any NAPA, Autozone, etc. should have a puller for maybe $10-$15. But I bet there's someone on here who can tell you how to fab one up out of misc parts for free.....
This might help too


And for even more of a laugh, do a google image search for 'sawzaw' pictures of my motor come up ;) don't know why...but I thought it was funny
Ozsum67 said:
Another way would be to take the back glass out, put a log chain arond the steering column, and attach the other end to a monster truck and drop the clutch. Sort of GBM style. :D

That's one way to do it. But after about an hour i got this small hastle out of the way, this busted interior looks alot better now!!

If someone could tell me how to post a picture i could show you guys?!?