How to remove water spots!?


Apr 3, 2005
Been trying for a long time now and have used just about everything in a bottle or can to remove the old water spots on the rear Notch glass. So is there a polishing kit/compound with pad etc. that will do the job right?


Ben SEMPER FI :flag:
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Jul 13, 2003
Tucson AZ
Call rod he's got some bad ass stuff that will make the glass invisable!Oh yeah and remove those spots! Are you hittin the track?Becca and i might go tonight and tomorrow night?I'll call ya after work tonight.peace



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Aug 3, 2001
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Nov 10, 2009
if it's simply just water spots, use a 50/50 water/vinegar solution. i use it on my boat prop all the time and works like a champ. it's safe to use on other things as well other than it will take the wax off.


Apr 3, 2005
Thanks everyone. I have tried the 50/50 water/vinegar solution and it didn't even touch it. Even tried very fine steel wool. No go. I think I have some turtle wax scrach remover laying around and I know I have a pad or two. If that doesn't work I will give Glassstrip a shot.

I will not be at the track this weekend. Plans have changed with the wifey. Going to get this Notch running this weekend if it kills me. Finishing up the exhaust tomorrow and might be picking up some gears too. 2:73 are killing me.



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Nov 11, 2004
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I've gotten tons of things from for polishing & detailing.
Not this specific kit but ones like it.

Diamondite Glass Care Kits

I have another kit I got from some other site. It has 2 glass polishing discs for the porter cable dual action polisher, and this glass polish made by "Autoglym"...look it up.

This is a lake county kit and I've used their polishing pads for paint with awesome results, so check this out too:
Professional Glass Polishing System

Here's what I use; it says no heavy polishing required but if you use with glass polishing discs on the PC DA polisher it creates awesome results
Autoglym Glass Polish & Cleaner

The spots will come back though and you have to clean it every few months.
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