HP guess time


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Dec 27, 2005
Well here is the deal i got a new engine(stock block) and am debating before goin to the dyno if i am geting a tweecer or having the dyno shop tune it. But i always like the hp guessing game so i throwing it out if anyone want to take i guess id like to see what number you guys think, I will just list actual engine components. I am hoping to hit 300 rwhp with a good tune on just engine. What do you guys think?

Mods List

302 block with new rotating assembly at 10.5:1
Afr 185 cc heads with uprgraded springs and valves (A little port work to the exhaust)
comp cam custom grind with .555 .565 lift on 112 lobe
Trick flow R-series Manifolds
24lb injectors
pro-m mass air 75mm
a/c-smog removed
mac long tube headers
mac prochamber
mac dumps
harland sharp 1.6 rr
Trick flow chromoly pushrods
BBK 70 mm throtle body
BBK cold air intake
BBK underdrive pulleys
Msd 6AL, and coil
walboro 190 fuel pump
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I see bigger heads & intake than the typical stock block combo.

If that cam is matched well to the heads and the cam & heads are matched well to the intake, I can see how you could do better than the typical results. :D

You might be better off with some race type headers which have 1 3/4 tubes and not the street type ball & socket collectors. :shrug:

24's could very well be close to the limit if you put up the good numbers. You may have to raise the pressue somewhat. :shrug:

The tune is gonna need to be pretty close for some non typical results.

I can see how you might be closer to 350 than 300 if it all matches up well to each other.

Good Luck :)