Humming @ 80 and higher


Apr 5, 2005
I just replaced the clutch,t-5 and slip yolk. I still have a humming over 80mph. Is this normal? My trans has been shot so long I dont know if its normal? The humming tone goes up and down, or in and out and the faster I go the louder it gets.
I have recently balanced all tires, it doesnt matter if I switch the tires front to rear.
I have a aluminum DS, 3.73 gears.

Should I replace the rear U joint? Thats the only thing left or is it something else?
Do aluminum driveshafts need to be balanced? Its been in the car for 50k or better?

Also, the vibration was there before the trans fix but was a violent vibration and started at 60 mph and I wouldnt dare go over 80 mph.
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You can try and flip the driveshaft 180 degrees to see if that may cure the possible imbalance. It is also possible that the u-joints have gone south. Jack the car up, secure with jack stands, then crawl underneath and check the u-joints. Grab the driveshaft with 1 hand and the slip yoke, (rear of trans side) and push/pull back and forth and see what kind of play you may have in the u-joints. Do the same for the rear side of the driveshaft and take it from there. If the u-joints check out ok, then you may have a bearing problem inside the trans. I had a WICKED to say the least, vibration in my old trans. Turned out to be the mainshaft being bent, causing the bearing to take a dump. Good luck