HV oil pump required for cartech's street sleepr kit??


15 Year Member
May 8, 2003
My brother's installing a cartech street sleeper t64 kit into his 91 gt that he picked up a while back and was told by someone that he'll first have to install a different oil pump in order to run the kit.. I think this is bs personally, I don't see how turbo seals and such will suffer with a stock oil pump but wanted to post here and get the right answer before assuming this guy's a tool and continuing with the install without the swap.

Thanks and appreciate any help you guys can provide :nice:

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Ok thanks allot guys for your input, You confirmed what I initially thought as well... The stocker pump is working fine but since we're dropping the pan to punch and tap for the oil feed, I'll email cartech and see what they say just to be safe and report back here with what they suggested.


Ok Cartech wrote me back pretty quick on this and said the following

No oil pump changes are required to run any of our kits. The factory oil pump has more then enough capability to supply the minimal amount of oil required by the CHRA of the turbo